Month One and Going Strong

It has been a month since, in obedience to God’s word that we stepped out into a life of faith and serving God with all of our time, strength and everything God has blessed us with. Looking back at the month gone by, we can only say that God is forever faithful. By...

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I am Taking A Leap of Faith

Very often, when you least expect it, God will call you to do something that seems absolutely outrageous and beyond human comprehension. It causes people around you to doubt your sanity. More often than not, you too will doubt your own presence of mind. But the truth...

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Uncover the Secret to Living Holy

There is a constant mind battle in the life of every Christian. We presume that if we lead a holy life, we are holy. And by leading a holy life I mean, thinking the right things, saying the right things or doing the right things, we attain holiness. We spend most of...

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