Very often, when you least expect it, God will call you to do something that seems absolutely outrageous and beyond human comprehension. It causes people around you to doubt your sanity. More often than not, you too will doubt your own presence of mind. But the truth is that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

That’s exactly where I am now.

The Journey

From when I was 15 years old, I started serving God by translating for ministers and pastors at small church meetings. With a Methodist background, I always knew about God but it took something much bigger to draw me into a relationship that has only gotten stronger with time.

In 1999, while travelling back from college, I fell off a running train and came through unharmed. It was after this incident that I knew for sure that God had something else planned for me than what I was doing.

I continued to serve in the Kingdom as an interpreter for many national and international ministers of the word. Soon, I began ministering to families of the local congregation through house churches in Mumbai. But I was certain that there was more to come and within God’s perfect timing, I started getting calls to come and minister at different places in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

About 4 months ago, God blessed me with the ‘help-meet’ He had created for me even before the beginning of time; Virginia Pereira.

My Leap of Faith

About 4 days into our marriage, God asked me to do the very thing that I had been waiting for all my life to hear but didn’t expect it be that sudden and that soon after my wedding day.  A very soft but clear voice spoke to me and called me to serve Him full time and leave my job. I was excited, shocked and scared; all at the same time.

I told my wife the next day and thank God, she was more thrilled than I was! With God’s call over my life, I have decided to take this leap of faith and step out to what I know is a new season. God has laid this vision on my heart that, together, we would labour to see a generation presented perfect in Christ Jesus (Colossians 1:28).


The 1st of April 2013 marks the beginning of this new season for us and we ask you to stand with us in prayer as we continue on this journey that is laid out before us.

What step of faith have you had to take lately? Do share with us in the comment section. You know we love hearing from you! Stay blessed!

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